Jayashree Kumar: Visiting Artist

Jayashree Kumar is an Indian classical dance teacher working on spreading the rich Indian culture and heritage. She is passionate about teaching dance to anyone who is interested.  Mrs. Kumar began with a presentation on the temples and dances of India. Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle School students learned about the history  and elements of Indian dance from both the North and South regions of India. Mrs. Kumar shared that Abinaya is an integral part of all Indian classical dance styles and includes rhythmic expression of moods, emotions and narrative using Mudra (hand gestures), Bhanga (postures of the body), and Rasa (facial expressions).


After the presentation students learned  a dance in the Bharatanatyam tradition, which is the Indian dance Mrs. Kumar specializes in. At the end of the dance lesson children had the opportunity to try on jewelry and clothing worn by Indian dancers, Mehndi, which is applying Henna to the skin for different celebrations and life events, and Bindis.