Lexi Perkins: Visiting Artist

Last Tuesday we welcomed visiting artist, Lexi Perkins. Ms. Perkins’ intuitive and automatic process begins with simple mark making. Usually, she begins with a series of fluid, interwoven contour lines that loosely reference human faces and figures. She then adds facial features and other details to highlight the forms she sees. Her drawings illustrate the interconnectedness of people, and the complex, diverse emotions we all experience.


The children began the lesson by practicing their continuous line drawing. Ms. Perkins instructed students to draw slowly and to keep their sharpie marker on the paper without lifting it up.


After practicing the children were given watercolor paper and a sharpie marker to create their final continuous line. Ms. Perkins then instructed the children to look closely at the shapes their continuous line had created to see if it would make a good place to draw in an eye, a hand or maybe a mouth.

Finally, the children were given ink and asked to paint their shapes.